Mmaletsatsi productions

Is a production company focused on the promotion of live bands music, children indigenous learning and managing artists. Maletsatsi Productions encompasses Abancane music jam and Izinsimbi Zomculo as sub projects.


The academy aims to deal with child development in a healthy safe environment.  Nurturing them through music, sound, movement, word, and imagination. Abancane Art Academy also does home visits, pre covid 19 collaborating work with parents who are homeschooling, deschooling and unschooling their children..

Our course is to claim and ediscovering lost Afrikan wisdom, lost language, lost instruments,lost games and passing them onto the next generation. We use storytelling and arts as a medium of educating in the process of learning and unlearning.


Insimbi zomculo pays homage to the gift of music and serves as an intoning of remembering. We host events on a month to month basis to showcase and celebrate South African artists and performers, with a focus on spoken word and live bands.